Monday, April 30, 2007

On-again, off-again blogging habit

I used to write for newspapers. I was a reporter and newspaper editor before I got jacked into the matrix.

I read somewhere that newspaper journalism is the opposite of writing. That rang true when I first sat down to blog. Still very much in the newspaper mindset, I found a wide-open field uncomfortable. Writing it off to overall pointlessness, I quickly abandoned the idea of blogging. The habit died before it could establish.

More recently, podcasting caught my imagination. David and I had what I consider a successful run at it. We recorded shows pretty-much weekly for 18 months. The pace of that was a bit much so we've given it a rest for a while, but we've been planning a return to the show albeit on a longer refresh cycle. That medium was so different from writing that the same issues never crept in.

Perhaps now that I'm nearly ten years removed from newspaper writing, I'll give it another try. If for no other reason to prove that my status as a recovering journalist is improving.

Investing in show prep here, I'll develop topics to cover on the podcast. Topics of interest include podsafe music, green politics, e-government, e-democracy, service oriented architecture, open source economics and what have you.

You can find the original podcast series on

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